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8+1 Inspiration on how to use photos and decorate your apartment

You like to take photos and you already have photos, wall arts and photo books at home, but you still haven't used all the photos you would like? Here is an 8 + 1 tip on how photos can make you happy whether the sun is shining or it's raining.

We want to put the most important moments somewhere where we can see them often so that we can constantly remember them. If it is not enough for you to place your favorite photos on the shelf, stick them on the wall, or create a book from them, we will advise you on what to do with them so that you can return to them easily and gladly, or use them as a gift.

Box of memories

Do you remember the most beautiful moments of this year? Keep them near!

Take your favourite photos, print them out, and write a note on them with the date, place, or anything important that is associated with that place or moment. If you don't have your own photos, ask your friends, family or partner if they have any, you can also find them online. It is important to have a subject that will help you remember specific places, people, experiences.

  • Feel free to add cinema tickets, exhibition tickets, other event tickets, drawn maps from the trip, notes and so on.
  • For a better overview, you can separate the individual days / months / trips / years and pack them separately.
  • You can have a small box or a pocket for your memories.

Use the memory box whenever you feel sad, you want to remember beautiful moments or share your personal history with someone else - ideal for long autumn evenings with a glass of wine.

False analogue

Do you like polaroids, positives or photos which look like film strips?

Even with digital photos, you can achieve the effect of positives, just print the photos on foil! Instead of a white background, you suddenly have a transparent one, which is exactly the principle of the positive film photos. Then just add a frame and voilà, the analog is born!

📌Our tip: Try our instructions with black and white photos, we do not guarantee the result for color ones.

Bookmark - a trifle that will always please sbd

Are you an avid reader or do you want to please someone like that? Bookmark your own photos! You can choose two options to get such a bookmark:

  • DIY - prepare background hard paper, photos, texts and other decorations, choose the size of the bookmark and decorate the hard paper
  • Print - prepare photos that you cut into the same shape (ideally squares), then combine them into one (for example in Painting, Gimp, Photoshop, Photopea, etc.), then all you have to do is print it out

📌Our tip: If you know that the bookmark is intended for someone who eats and drinks while reading, it may be useful to laminate the bookmark or cover it with foil. Just buy a transparent self-adhesive foil, stick it and you're done! In addition, transparent films with glossy and matte finishes are sold today.

I glue, you glue... your own stickers from photos

Are all the previous ideas for what to do with the photos same old? And do you already have your own stickers?

Some printers provide the ability to print images and photos on self-adhesive paper or transparencies - just bring the files and your photos will suddenly become stickers.

When printing on a clear background, white is not used (what is white in the photo is transparent), so you can experiment with what the photo will look like sticked on a yellow or red background - but you'd better try this only with black and white photos, for color ones it could sights crazy.

Your own memory game

Do you like board games, or do you just need to entertain kids?

Create a memory game from your own photos and banish every hint of boredom! Print your photos (each twice), crop them to a square size, and stick colored paper on the other side if you want. Great fun, even when it's raining!

📌Our tip: If you are going to stick colored paper onto photos, use a glue stick. Liquid glue would wrinkle the paper and the result would not look good.

Vision board

I still see my illustrious future!

Some people people say that dreams come into life by visualizing. We don't want to promise anything, but it's definitely worth a try! Vision board is simply a board full of plans and ideas for the future - career plans, travel plans, wishes about partner and material things (what kind of apartment / house you want to have and which car).

How to do it?

  • Cut out pictures from magazines that make up what you want in life (feel free to print the pictures)
  • Choose motivational quotes and texts you can write on pieces of paper
  • Arrange photos and leave space for texts
  • Stick the photos and texts on the tickets to the background
  • Complete everything with drawings and other texts or messages

Why? There was not much going on this year and for many of us it meant a loss of visions and ideals for the future. Lets revive them with a vision board and be ready to work on it again. Let's not lose faith, next year will be full of adventures!

📌Our tip: Choose motivational photos that reflect the best possible future you can imagine.

Invitation - for a holiday, celebration or wedding

Have you returned from vacation with friends and you already know that you would like to go again?

Create a funny invitation cards with photos of this year and invite them to a barbecue or dinner at your place in the meantime. The idea will work as well with weddings - as a thank you for celebrating the most beautiful moments together and as an invitation. And finally - why not to make a stylish invitation to a birthday party? Your friends will get a beautiful artifact.

Personalized table top

Photos under glass? Yes, but differently!

You can always see the most successful photos even if you have a table with a glass top. Under it you can exhibit individual photographs, but also whole open photo books or various souvenirs from travels (if the space allows it). However, the desk can also be decorated in the same way if you simply add a glass top to it.

📌Our tip: Try to use photos of same color scheme. Even black and white photos do not spoil anything and are easier to combine.

For times when the whole world seems to be broken down

You know it for sure - you get up on the wrong foot, you don't like anything, you feel that your life has no meaning and you would rather just go back to bed and fall asleep again.

We have a solution for you in several variants. It's an alternative of LAK, Last Aid Kit - you will usually find sticking plasters in it, our LAG is sth like a sticking plaster for the soul.

  • DIY - notebook / diary of beautiful moments with printed photos
  • PC Folder - a folder of favorite photos, cheerful dog videos or anything else that will put a smile on your face
  • App - an application in which you can easily insert photos and favorite texts and return to them at any time

The principle is the same every time you get in a bad mood - open a notebook, a folder or an application and see great things you've experienced lately. You will remember where you had that great dinner, how your friends bought that beautiful puppy, how great your holiday was and so on, we guarantee that you will feel better right away.

📌Our tip: We have chosen the Journey application for you to demonstrate, but you can use any other. We like the fact that you can insert photos into Journey, but also, if necessary, write texts (such as favorite excerpts from books) and comment on photos.

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