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Best way to print photos from iPad

iPad are the perfect combination of a smartphone and computer. It’s portable like a smartphone but offers a bigger screen that is perfect for printing photos. Whether you take pictures on your iPad or your iPhone, it is super easy and fast to print photos from your iPad thanks to Apple’s interconnected devices.

All photos that you take on your iPhone or iPad are automatically stored in iCloud meaning you can access all photos both from iPad and iPhone. Hence printing photos from iPad is just as easy as printing photos from an iPhone. Keeping photos in iCloud or any other cloud storage is a great way to preserve your memories, however some photos deserve to be printed and cherished.

How to print photos from iPad

The best way to print photos from an iPad is to directly upload them to Squared.one’s online editor. The whole order process will take you only a couple of minutes and you print photos online from the comfort of your home or wherever on your travels.

Follow these steps:

  1. Before you head to our website make sure that all your photos were uploaded to iCloud so you can access them on iPad. Check your iCloud account and the synchronisation status (if there’s an issue your storage might be full and would have to delete some files to access all your photos)
  2. If everything has been synchronised, open squared.one on your iPad and pick a photo product you would like us to print for you. It can be polaroid photos, photo magnets, wallet-size photos or any other photo product that we offer
  3. Select a desired photo print size and photo paper finish (matte or glossy)
  4. Tämän jälkeen sinut siirretään online-editoriin, johon voit ladata valokuvasi.
  5. Click “Select files” and choose to upload from your “Photo Library” – your Photos app will be opened and you can select photos from chronological section or you can browse any of your albums
  6. Kun olet valinnut valokuvasi, paina Add ja kuvat ladataan online editoriin.
  7. There you will be able to adjust the crop of every photo, add a white or colored border. If you have chosen polaroid-style photos you can also add captions to every photo
  8. Siirry kassalle ja odota, että valokuvasi tulostetaan.


Tip: Prior to printing photos from iPad, go to Photos app and favorite all the photos you would like to print. Then just navigate to the “Favorites” album while uploading and the whole process will be much smoother.

How to print high quality photos from your iPad?

Nowadays iPhones and iPads have a high enough quality camera that your photos will look great even when printed. We have a detailed guide about required resolution for every photo print size which you can compare with the information on your photo just to be sure. Also, our editor will automatically notify you if your photo is too small for the selected format.

What photo print sizes can I print from iPad?

You can print photos in any available size. iPads and iPhones usually shoot 4:3 photos so the perfect fit will be our 3.25×4″ and 4x6” photo prints. Check our guide about standard photo print sizes and all available sizes where you choose which photo formats will be most suitable for you.

How to print photos from a camera or Android phone on iPad?

If you own a digital camera or Android phone and would like to print photos from your iPad, you would have to transfer the photos to your iPad. 

For cameras, you can insert the SD card from to the computer and upload photos to iCloud. iCloud will then synchronise all your photos across Apple devices.

For Android phones the process is slightly more complicated that we would recommend simply printing photos from your phone – check out our guide on how to print photos from Android phone. If you wish to print photos from your iPad anyway, we suggest uploading photos to Google Photos or Google Drive and then downloading the photos to your iPad from said app. You can then follow the instructions above.

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