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Unique Maternity Photos

Soon you’ll be a family of three (or more)! A sentence that will change the life not only of future parents but also of those around them. Pregnancy announcements are often emotional and unforgettable moments full of joy. How do we spread the news to loved ones? And how do we cherish our pregnancy memories?

Early pregnancy is always filled with emotions. After those two little lines appear on the test, there is often a period of nausea and struggles, accompanied by secrecy and lifestyle changes. You cut the coffee and wine and trade it in for mineral water or tea.

This is when you may already be thinking about how to capture this important period of your pregnancy. Will you make videos? Take photos every week? There are so many options. Think them through carefully so that you don't miss out on the beginning of the whole process and then later complain that you started taking photos late.

Pregnancy announcement

The weeks are flying by, and now’s the time you finally get to tell everyone your big news. The best way to do this is in person, of course. But you can also come up with a creative pregnancy announcement. 💌 If you have family abroad, you can mail the announcement. In any case, we recommend printing a pregnancy announcement photo. 🤰

Let your imagination run wild! Take a few photos 📸 and have them printed - they don't all have to be the same. Try different poses - you can then make a collage of these for yourself and at the same time, your announcement will take multiple forms. Also, don't be afraid to print the same photo several times. Let the entire world know about your pregnancy! 💛

Unique pregnancy announcements

You can choose to print your photos as retro prints and add a caption in our editor or write it by hand after printing, like in the picture. Retro photos are printed in two sizes (3.25×4″ and 4×5″).

Starting at 0,58 $ per piece

Documenting your pregnancy

The most popular way to capture your growing belly is to take a photo every week. You can use different background charts to indicate the specific week for better reference. Or, use the time of year or other milestones. Do you have a birthday in one of the weeks? Show it off in the photo! Are you celebrating Halloween or Christmas? Create fun themed photos, add props, and spice it up a bit.


You can then print the photos individually and save them in an album or make a pregnancy photo book.

💡 Apps

To get better organized or for many different ways to edit your photos, try different pregnancy photography apps. For example, we recommend the apps Baby Pics or Totsie.

Baby Pics

(Android / iOS)

Add personalised text to your photo or create a collage of your growing belly photos. After birth, you can use filters and calendars that you simply insert directly into the photo. This makes it clear at first glance what month you are in or how many weeks your newborn baby is. Edited photos can then be easily shared via social media or email.


(Android / iOS)

Totsie is another app in which you can find more than a thousand stickers and various mini pictures, which again can be easily added to your photos. You can also choose from a large number of fonts to add text to your images. It will then be clear to everyone what week you are in, or how many decaffeinated cups of coffee you are having today.


Sometimes a photo just isn't enough and we want our memories to be more vivid. If this is the case, we recommend taking a fun video of each week instead of a photo. It only needs to be a few seconds long and, like with the photo, it's better to have a chart somewhere in the background with the week you are currently in. The advantage of video is that you can add information after you have shot the video with minimalist captioning using any video editing program.

👌 TIP: Get inspired with YouTube or Pinterest

Professional maternity photos

Your own photos documenting each week of the pregnancy are an integral part of every pregnancy. But it is equally important to take advantage of this beautiful time in life and have it captured by a professional photographer. 📸 Make an appointment, look online to see which photographer you like best, and don't be afraid to get in the car and travel to get some beautiful snapshots. 🚗 Combine the shoot with a trip and you will get beautiful photos that you will love coming back to come 20 years.

After birth

Throughout your pregnancy, keep a diary or use an app to record your feelings, mood changes, cravings, or the baby's weight. You can use all this information in a photo book, for example. Create a personal and unique keepsake - from the first photos of the announcement to the first photos after birth.

Baby diary

If you want to record your memories by hand, create a DIY baby diary. 👶📒 In our article, we'll give you tips on how to make your own scrapbook recording your baby's first year and what shouldn't be missing in the diary.

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