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6 Tips for Enjoying a Date Night at Home

A perfect date doesn't necessarily mean an expensive restaurant and the movies. You can have a beautiful, romantic evening without needing to leave the house. Whether you're trying to save sone money or just not in the mood for going anywhere we've gathered some tips for a date night at home that you can try this Valentine's Day or any other day of the year. Here are our tips for enjoying quality time with your loved one even at home.

1. Game night

Board games aren’t just for kids. You can enjoy a fun game night with your loved one. 🎲 Order a pizza or just cut up cheese, coldcuts, and bread for a charcuterie board. Play games you have at home or ask friends and family to bring some new ones. We recommend Codenames Duet, Exploding Kittens, and for a more physical game – Twister. And if you're not into board games, play video games together. 🎮 It's up to you whether you choose a game where you work together, or fight one another for the last slice of pizza.

2. Movies at home

Do you feel like you can never agree on which movie to watch? Choose one or two movies, let your partner choose too, and have a movie marathon. 🎬 Of course, the right movie marathon includes lots of popcorn, 🍿 fruit, all kinds of candy, 🍭 and delicious drinks. 🥤 For ultimate comfort while watching movies, we recommend moving your mattress and comforter to the living room, if you don’t already have a TV in the bedroom.

3. An arts and craft evening

Do you like DIY? Get created this Valentine's Day and spend a romantic evening making a scrapbook together. 📒 Include all your favorite memories and moments from your relationship. Start with your first photo together, continue to the present, and go back to the scrapbook regularly to add new memories. At Squared.one you will find everything you will need to create your scrapbook. A beautiful album, gel pens for captions, mounting corners or washi tapes to attach photos and, of course, the opportunity to print your photos from your mobile phone, computer, or Instagram. ✅

4. Candlelight dinner

Pretend the electricity went out and enjoy a romantic dinner by candlelight. 🕯 You can cook your favorite meal or experiment with food or cuisine that you have never made, such as sushi. 🧑‍🍳 Pour a glass of wine and enjoy the intimate atmosphere at home, which would not be possible in the restaurant. What’s more, you'll save money.

Don't follow our ideas just for Valentine's Day, enjoy a romantic evening any day of the year.

5. At-home spa

You don't have to go to the spa to be pampered. Make an at-home spa. Soak in the bathtub, add a bath bomb, and enjoy a bubble bath together. 🛁 For some, a bath by candlelight will do the trick, but you can go a step further and try face masks or giving each other massages with massage oil. 💆 Add some homemade cocktails and it’s like you’re in a tropical paradise. 🍸

6. Reminisce all your favorite memories

Whether you have been together for a few months or 20 years, you have definitely captured a lot of experiences and memories. 📸 Enjoy an evening browsing through your photos and remember your favorite memories of the relationship. 💕 When you select a few favorites, you can have them printed. There are many possibilities - print them as classic prints or Polaroid-style retro prints. 🏞🌃 Then, tell your love story using a photo book, combine photos into a collage in the form of our large photo poster, or choose only one or two of the best photos and create wall art from them. 🖼

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